Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Much to ponder

Ok, dear readers, tonight is ultra short. I'm running out of time to complete homework for this weekend's marathon stretch of classes.

I've actually got a lot on my mind and a lot I'd like to write about...unfortunately, most of it has nothing to do with what I eat or nutrition or life balance or anything else appropriate for this blog. It has to do with uncertainty in the life of a planner; feelings of jealousy in the life of a generally content and confident person; life and death and fairness; reflections on other blogs I've read; remembrances of the past and reconciliation in the present; and a host of other topics that can only be described as 'Everything and Nothing'. Kinda like those best early dates or first phone conversations with a new boyfriend that lasted for hours and you talked about everything and nothing but you got to know so many of their details and gave away so many of your own. GREAT! Now, I've got even more to ponder...


A little bit-o-beans with my eggs...huevos rancheros anyone?

Yup, a slice of pizza. And that's a little bit of smoked turkey on my salad.

Green beans, potatoes with ketchup and a thin sliced chicken breast.


I promise, it's not as bad as it looks....is a caramel frappuccino light with an extra shot...that means no sugar, low fat mix and no whip.

I know I said no frappuccinos, but it was sooooo hot out and I woke up late (an hour after I was supposed to be at work!).

Since the frappuccino filled me up, I had fruit and yogurt for Elevensies....

Because I got to work so late, I didn't really take a lunch...and tossed a small portion of this salad because I was still trying to eat it at 4:30 when it was time to go home.

I at a bunch of these...just makes me think of ranch flavored potato chips

Rrrrrruffles Rrrrrrrrranch has Rrrrrrrridges!

Steamed broccoli, lemon and cranberry quinoa salad from Whole Foods and 2 chicken breast tenders with mango salsa.

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