Friday, July 8, 2011

Evil frappuccio of emotional avoidance

I'm realizing that  have a crap load of schoolwork to do by Wednesday. If you're wondering, a crap load is something roughly equivalent to a shit ton. It's a very technical measure.

This was a rough week for me. Work went from dull and quiet to overly busy faster than anything I've ever seen. It's all normal stuff...nothing bad. What makes it difficult is me. I don't deal with abrupt a transitions very well. And that's all on me. By Thursday I gave in and had that wonderful sweet chocolatey evil frappuccino...and a coconut one today. Ugh. Even I give in and eat my feelings. Well, tomorrow is another day and I do not have to have another sugary treat.

Funny, as I'm writing this, the song that's playing is 'Bad Day' by Daniel Powter. Fitting I suppose. There's enough other stuff going on and playing with my emotions that it makes the work stuff seem much larger than it actually is. As both a positive and a negative, there's nothing I can actually do about any of it. I've got to say, though, it's exhausting emotionally and mentally to have my emotions swinging back and for forth for so many people! Yup, there's lots of good things going on AND lots of tragic things. I feel an immense amount of gratitude that all of these things help me to put my own issues into perspective. Yet, I'm at once elated and grieving for those who's lives are changing in so many wonderful and terrible ways.

As much as I wish I could do something for any one of the people in my life, I'm glad that on Sunday I'm taking time for just me. The plan is for a beach day. I plan on basking in the sun (I'll have my 45 on, don't worry!) and just relaxing. Something I don't do very often.

Gotta love some salsa on eggs!!

Panera and Starbucks...winning combination??  Seriously, I could be the Jared of Panera!! Hmmmm, maybe I'll suggest that...

Yup, I had 3 tacos again....I figure I've got one more day's worth of taco fillings. Good thing I'm a sucker for mexican food!

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