Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dental adventures

OK, just for you, no more nostalgia...I'll get right to the food since I still need to floss and brush.

Yeah, I'm a good girl and do everything that my damn dental team tells me to do. Yes, I said team. I know, most people just refer to their dentist, but not me. I have a dentist and he's OK. I say OK because, really, how much can you like your dentist? I mean, the guy spends his day with his hands in other people's mouths! Anyhow, I have a dentist, his assistant, a hygienist and a periodontist (who I won't be seeing again). They tell me that, not only do I have to brush my teeth at least twice per day, I must also floss once per day, use these soft pick thingies once per day and use a flouride rinse once per day...and they just added to all that a special toothbrush that makes it easier to clean behind my wisdom teeth. Nice! Since I generally do what I am told and do not want to ever have another deep cleaning/scaling, I do what they tell me. I may not have been born with them, but I plan on dying with my wisdom teeth.

My latest dental adventure was getting fitted for a night guard. I'm going to be sooooo attractive at night! They think I clench my teeth in my sleep. Well, duh. I do it almost all day long without really noticing (until they brought it to my attention), why not when I'm asleep? I've gotten some great feedback from others who have night guards. They all say that they sleep much better with it, after getting used to it that is.

For anyone who has not been through this process, the fitting isn't bad. In fact, it was the most pleasant experience at the dentist that I've ever had. They fill these trays with semi-mint flavored goop and adhesive that smells like model glue. The glue scent is minimized by the mint flavor...weird. Anyhow, he shoves the goop filled trays into your mouth and against your teeth. Once it sets, he takes it out and that's it! Of course, I was peeling adhesive off my face for a bit. They even gave me a mirror to make sure I got it all. I pick it up in a couple of weeks, right before vacation. I'm a little amazed at the lengths I'll go to for overall good health.

Banana for breakfast anyone?

After work-out cappuccino

Yup! Panera for lunch! Classic salad with extra cucumbers and the vinaigrette from the Greek salad, smoked turkey sandwich on whole grain with mustard, fruit cup and iced tea

Steamed broccoli, sauteed tomatoes with green chilis, onions, yellow squash and white hominy and a piece of chicken

No, I didn't eat the whole thing, but I did have some tabouli for a snack

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