Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Life is getting all interesting again...and by interesting, I mean busy and stressed. Lets just say that I haven't known what day it is all week so's Wednesday, right?

So far, I've gotten in 1 work-out and that's most likely going to be it for the week. I've not done so hot on my eating today and tomorrow probably will look just as grim when the night is over. I have plans to get all dressed up and go to Morton's. I plan on having dessert. While all my friends are enjoying a cocktail after dinner, I'll be having something full of chocolate and a cappuccino.

Work is picking up and feeling a little overwhelming, but that actually has more to do with the fact that I can't seem to get my homework done. I procrastinate, we know that. I've only got one more major piece to read and prepare, yet I can't manage to sit down and just read the f-ing thing. Yeah, stress. I'm not working out, so no outlet for the stress. AND, there's going to be some work done in my closet tomorrow for the building's sprinkler system. I had to empty my closet for the work to be done. Clearly it's time to make a major charity drop-off.

Anyway, my class schedule is such that I don't know when I'll be able to put everything back! I've got piles of sweaters and coats on my couch. My hanging clothes are all lying over a box full of Christmas decorations, there's mittens in my beach basket, and milk crates with stored crap in my hallway. I have a feeling that it's going to stay that way until at least Monday or Tuesday night. Point is, more stress. I need a night at the gym. I cancelled tonight so I could do the closet and homework. I haven't done the reading I need to do.

Procrastination. Some say that procrastination is a form of laziness. Sure. I'll buy that. At least the intention is there, right? Anyway, it causes me stress because it allows me to get down on myself for not accomplishing a task. For some reason I think I just need that looming deadline to give me a swift kick in the bum. I don't know what it is about me, but I leave things to the last minute and then freak out. At least this go around, I made an effort! I read three chapters in advance! Progress, not perfection.

A little fresh salsa for my eggs this morning.

I couldn't help it. I needed the pizza...

I cheated a little and bought a rotisserie chicken...some mango salsa, quinoa salad, corn and broccoli

And with this plate of nachos, there are no more chips and no more taco meat...and only enough cheese to add to scrambled eggs one morning.

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