Monday, July 4, 2011

It is America's birthday afterall

I've told you before how much I love results!!! Well, no changes to report today, but definite results!! I saw a couple of my guy friends this morning who I haven't see in a while. They both noticed that I've lost weight!!

This evening I went to a BBQ at a classmate's house to celebrate the 4th of July. I haven't seen her since the spring semester. I'm generally pretty focused on myself and wondered if she would notice that I lost weight...sure enough, she did!! I was photographing my food when another guest asked why...I explained that I blog about what I eat and my weightloss. I was asked if I'd read Michael Pollen's books...OF COURSE!! My classmate took the opportunity to let me know that she noticed and that she could see the change in my face. WOW!

I don't know about you, but I need the reminders that my weightloss is noticeable to others. It helps me to stay on track. It's just like the accountability that I feel towards all of you. I can't hide it, my efforts and my successes are out there for everyone to see. That means, though, that I also have to put out there my failures, slips and bad choices. Not a problem. I can do that.

At the BBQ, a few of us women agreed that planning and bringing our own food from home was an important part of our healthy eating habits. We all, sometimes, give in to temptation and go out to lunch instead. And we all, usually eat our lunch at our desks while working even though we know that it's not a good habit to have.

A couple of these women were  vegetarians...their main reason? Not wanting all the crap that goes into livestock in their bodies. I don't want the hormones and antibiotics either...Either way, each woman made it known that there are exceptions to her vegetarianism. That's really the point here. Both would eat fish or chicken on rare occasions and would generally eat meat when traveling as part of immersing themselves in the culture of wherever they are. It was good to hear that they too do not completely eliminate any one thing from their foodplans. As much as I love absolutes, I just don't believe that they're a good thing when it comes to food. We all need a variety of foods and we all need moderation.

It was a day off work...must be breakfast at Panera!

I forgot to photograph it, but I had a big salad with Italian dressing for lunch.

Coconut was freakin' HOT today...and I didn't get any whipped cream, and I've been dying to have one of these since summer began!

A little baked beans and a little potato salad

Chipotle pepper corn on the cob

Thai marinated chicken---yummers!!!

It is America's birthday afterall...

At home, I had a bowl of popcorn (the kind that's bad for me)

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