Sunday, July 17, 2011

Classy weekend

Well, it's the end of a long weekend...class on Friday, class on Saturday and class today. It was, well, classy. I'm kinda done. At least we got out of class early today and I was able to do some things around the house. Ever notice how the after effects of doing a little housework just make you feel good? Having the clutter put away just feels good.

I had to empty my closet last week for the building super to do some work on the water main pipe that's in there. It was a great opportunity to go through my closet and dresser and get rid of some stuff I no longer wear. Well, good, but I've done this before and still have the bags full of clothes and shoes in my room. I need to get them all to a charity, I need a car to do it or to call one to pick them up...I just haven't done it yet. I've left the bags of clothes out. Maybe this will motivate me to get them out of the house?? Maybe then, I'll get more of the satisfaction that I felt when I put the rest of my clothes back into the closet.


Panera, where else?

Check it out...some of my steak from Morton's!

My friends, R&R, invited me over for dinner...BBQ!! Gotta love grilling. A nice rare filet, corn, squash, a little shellfish and bread with some non-butter spread that was a mix of expelled oils. I don't remember what it was, but it tasted pretty good.


I was so early that they hadn't made the fruit cups yet!

Blueberry muffin made with 1% vanilla yogurt...I had 2.

I had a buffalo chicken burrito from Boloco for lunch; whole wheat tortilla and brown rice.

I had my lunch salad for dinner...with greek dressing vinaigrette and the last of my Morton's steak.

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