Sunday, July 10, 2011

What a weekend!

What a weekend!! Saturday there was much reading and a little shopping. Sunday was a day at the beach!! The first of the summer, in fact. Hopefully not the last...

Unfortunately, there was no exercise this weekend...which means that I did not meet my exercise goal for the week. That's OK. I did get two work-outs in. One cardio and one strength/resistance. I forgot how tough the strength class is! I was also amazed at how much easier it is to do the abs work-out when I haven't done a kicking work-out right before! Many of our abs exercises involve leg lifts...very difficult after an insane kicking session!

So, today, I donned my public no less! and headed out of Boston to Manchester-by-the-Sea. What a gift! A day in the sun at a beautiful beach. It really is the life! Best part? My flabby glow in the dark tummy no longer glows in the dark! It's still flabby, but I'm workin' on that slowly but surely. All good things in time.

A trip to the beach is a good opportunity for me to get down on myself and my body, especially when the women I go with are both about 10 years younger than me and much thinner. Here's the thing though. It doesn't matter how I think I compare next to either one of them! They are each their own person with their own eating habits, exercise routines, challenges, pitfalls and successes. Just like I am my own person with my own eating habits, exercise routine, challenges, pitfalls and successes. What's the phrase? Put down the bat...

I know enough to know that at my age, my metabolism is changing. I know that I get too little sleep and that affects my body's desire to hold onto fat. I know that my life today is more sedentary that I would like and that stress also makes my body want to hold onto fat. Sure, these women probably face these same or similar challenges. But just like I can not control the thoughts and actions of another person, neither can compare myself and my body to them. And, damn it! I know that today I'm doing what's right for me and for my body. And that feels and looks good! Today, I had no shame in putting on a bikini and being on the beach because whether anyone else knew it or not, I did. I know that I'm living in a solution and taking action to have a healthier body.

Yummy healthy start to my me, it pretty much goes downhill from here.

I had to do something while waiting for the train...

There were some chips at the beach and some fresh fruit. Sorry, no photos though.

After the beach, we went out for sushi...we each had two pork dumplings.

mmm mmm mmm  And, no, not all mine. I had the salmon avocado roll and the spicy tuna roll in the bottom corner of the picture.

This and popcorn for a nighttime snack...back to salads tomorrow!

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