Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Web 3.0?

Another good day on the weight loss plan! In addition, my class was cancelled tonight so I got an extra work-out in this week! One hour of running while reading about Web 3.0. You heard right. Web 3.0. I was baffled at first too. At the very least, having an understanding of Web 2.0, I had a clue of what I was in for. Regardless, it's my first project for IT Management this term.

And you didn't tune in to hear about the possible web advances on the horizon...so I'll just get to some statistics and the food. I estimate that I ate 1192 calories today and burned 810 calories through physical activity.

Tomorrow is my first weekly class and check in. I'll do a weigh in tomorrow morning and see where I'm at!


vanilla and mango shake for breakfast

I had some whole grain cereal with peaches when I got to work. It was good, I'll probably have it again tomorrow.
 Salad and the 5 Bean Casserole--surprisingly delicious!! At first, I thought it looked like dog food, but then it had a tinge of sweetness, like baked beans. As I said, delicious!

There were baby carrots and an apple for a snack before the gym, buy you know what those look like.

Cauliflower and Vegetable Stew with Beef, another delicious entree!

After dinner, I had my final shake. Chocolate with a teaspoon of sugar free chocolate pudding powder to make it extra chocolatey!

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