Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Last supper

OK, this is it. My last supper. I start the weightloss program tomorrow...I think. I go for medical appointments tomorrow and a class/orientation thingy. I'm not completely clear on the details. However, by Friday morning, I'll be on this weightloss program. I haven't made my final decision about which option I will follow, but it will probably be the decision-free option. It just seems so easy. And with three classes this term, I need easy.

To have a starting point, I've taken all my measurements and have a starting weight recorded. I've forgotten to do this in the past. Not this time! Nope, this time I'm doing it right! Don't worry, I'm not going to share them. Quite frankly, I'm too embarrassed to. I will, however, share successes, plateaus, and failures. I'll try to make measurements weekly and report any changes, or lack there of. Either way, wish me luck!

On a different note, this is the first semester where I'm not dreading the work and the projects or thinking that it's all too much and wondering how I'll ever keep up. Funny. It's my last semester. Ever. It's weird how I do this with pretty much everything. I have to go through something and get to the other side to be able to approach something without trepidation. What's even stranger is that I know this about myself and I still get all caught up in it. Or maybe I'm just done? Stick a fork in me.


Actually, this is a very late supper on the 9th...a club sandwich. I ate half.
 breakfast buffet in Phoenix
 chips and salsa at Alice Cooperstown
 hmmm, rolls from dinner...out of order!
 The Elaine Benness Big Salad at Alice Cooperstown
 bloomin' onion at Texas Roadhouse
 again, out of order...Dairy Queen on the road from Phoenix
 salad with dinner
filet and veggies


berries and yogurt

enchiladas, chips & salsa, beans, rice and guacamole!!! Topped off with a raspberry slush!

Mmmm, this is where things start to get good!!! This is my favorite meal EVER!!! Mom's spaghetti!


bacon and eggs made by mom!

 salad at Pinnacle Peak in Tucson
 Cowgirl Steak and Cowboy beans at Pinnacle Peak

Not sure why I thought black and white was appropriate, but there you are.
 and a sliver of cheesecake for dessert


My lovely sister-in-law and our nachos at the Crystal Palace
 Cowboy Burger at the Crystal Palace

Did you know that Wyatt Earp used to hang out here?
 Mmmm, homemade Polish food!!!!

My pierogis, mom's golubkis, and kielbasa with sauerkraut
cheesecake snack


steak and eggs made for me by mom 
cheesecake slivers

carne asada burrito with guacomole and cheese and refried beans! I LOVE Mexican food!!!


yogurt, granola and fruit
tukey, swiss, lettuce, tomato, carrot and mustard on whole grain


yogurt and pistachio muffin

General Tsao's chicken, rice, and an eggroll


I had to make sure that there was none left in the house...

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