Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 1 Success!!

So I started the weight loss plan this morning. Not bad...the food is not bad. I wouldn't call it good either. I had two entrees, and they kinda tasted alike. Anyway, the really good part is that I was not hungry at any point AND I had a chocolate shake for breakfast!!!! Who can argue with a chocolate shake for breakfast? I know I can't.

Seriously, the food is not bad and there's a lot of variety. I definitely made the right call by choosing the option to add fruit and vegetables. I'll see slower weight loss, but I'm OK with that. I did some rough calculations and I had an under 1400 calorie day. 1383 is my estimate based on the nutrition information for the food for the plan and then estimates for the added fruits and veggies. You wanna know the strange part? I actually had trouble eating everything to get up to that much. And, I still have another 8 oz of non-caloric liquid to take in. I was thinking of a cup of Kava tea before bed.

I'm going to call Day 1 a success!


OK, so these were my real last meals before the weight loss plan...

yogurt and granola
 salad and pizza...I barely at any of the salad
my last hurrah...Di Giorno


OK, here's where it all begins....

This is the chocolate shake powder that I mixed with a banana
 The shake and my blender...this morning I was supposed to have a double shake. I did it, but I won't have to do it again. Thank God!!! It was just too hard to take in the whole thing!
 whole grain hot cereal and an apple these little boxes are my food for the next however many weeks...

I'm not too happy about eating pre-packaged food, I keep thinking of it being processed...and then I think about chemicals in the shakes. Then I consider the benefits and remember that it's only temporary. Then I eat it.
 the pasta fagioli with broccoli

I had one cup of baby carrots after this but forgot to photograph it

Chicken Creole with brown rice and some added broccoli

vanilla shake with mixed berries

I'm very happy to have my blender out and running again. I can barely remember the last time I was using it regularly...probably because that involved rum or tequila! hee hee!

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