Saturday, January 26, 2013

Positive Reinforcement

I could tell you that today was better than yesterday, but so would have cleaning the litterbox with my toothbrush. Regardless, today was better than yesterday. In, fact, today was a good day! I think I achieved a good balance between physical activity and homework. I went to boxing class (I haven't been in about 5 months!), finished most of my readings for class, AND got further exercise by walking on the treadmill while reading. A good day indeed.

Not that you had any doubts, but I stayed on track with my eating, I'm estimating 1173 calories eating and 1305 calories burned through physical activity. Not bad. Tomorrow, I'm going to a personal training session.

Did I mention? I met a new trainer at my gym. I was telling her about trying to balance exercise with school and starting a weightloss program. I told her how I'm confident that it will work and that it made me feel better just to try something to work towards a solution! She was impressed with my attitude and offered me a free training session. How cool is that? Sure, she's trying to sell personal training, but I'll take it. I think I most enjoyed receiving acknowledgement that taking positive steps towards a goal is a really good thing. We all need positive reinforcement when making changes. It helps us to keep going when working towards a goal gets difficult.

In fact, it was almost as good as all of the encouragement that I receive daily from my friends and family! I'm very lucky that you all are following my journey and being so supportive. So, thank you, and please, keep it up. It really does help.


vanilla and banana shake for breakfast

I had an apple on my way home from the gym
 plain vanilla shake after the gym
 5 bean casserole entree and 1 cup broccoli
pasta fagiole entree with 2 cups broccoli

I'm going to have a chocolate shake later tonight to meet the meal replacement requirements for the day

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