Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I look forward

Week two almost over, my next weigh-in is tomorrow...I'm looking forward to it. Why? Because I know this weightloss program is working! I could fit into an old pair of pants today! I celebrated by staying on track and eating my entrees, vegetables, fruits and shakes. I celebrated by avoiding cookies and cakes and brownies and all the sweet treats that I like. And it felt good! Armed with the knowledge that my pants fit, I look forward to tomorrow's weigh-in. I look forward to continuing to feel good. And I look forward to continuing on a path that works towards a goal.

School is gearing up, work is about to get crazy, the cats are finally (somewhat) getting along, and all seems right in the world. For tonight, though, it was was a long day of work and school. It's time for bed.


Sabrina thinks she eats meal replacement shakes
 beef and bean enchiladas and carrots
salad, 5 bean casserole and peas


chocolate shake...probably with instant coffee mixed in
 whole grain cereal with peaches and raspberries
 beef stroganoff with carrots
 vegetable stew with beef and broccoli
 Such a treat!! I was craving Indian food, so I mixed mango and cardamom in my shake


after a chocolate shake for breakfast, I had whole grain cereal and peaches for second breakfast
 stew and veggies!
 mushroom risotto with broccoli - all my classmates thought this looked and smelled good, not like diet food at all
a blood orange (actually an after lunch snack)

and of course, I had a chocolate shake when I got home

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