Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First Weigh-In Results

I love positive results that come quickly!!!!!! Today was my first weigh-in...

I LOST 4 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!

How freakin' awesome is that!??!! Just 5 days and I lost 4 pounds!!! I love action plans that are successful!! And how I am I defining success? That's simple. Weight loss of course.

Tonight was my first class for this program. No big surprises...we had to put our 'numbers' up on the board. Not our weight, but our weight loss, how many shakes/cereals, entrees, vegetables, and fruits we ate, whether we aid anything else and if we met our challenge goals for the week. Guess who's numbers looked perfect? MINE! Here's hoping for perfect next week too.

Today was my first opportunity to buy new food. I took care to avoid chicken dishes. It seems that noone really likes the chicken dishes. It's always good not to be alone. I bought several of the bean casseroles and vegetable stew with beef. Basically, I stuck to the vegetarian and beef dishes for next week.

As for today, I estimate that I ate 1171 calories. Unfortunately, I didn't get any real physical activity. Just a little bit of walking, about 10 minutes. It was cold and I had school tonight. Really cold. No school tomorrow though!


Mocha cinnamon shake
 oatmeal and peaches
 cheese ravioli and fiesta blend veggies

The ravioli was surprisingly good!
mixed veggies with pasta and chicken parmesean

Yet again, a chicken dish disappoints. However, I ate this one during my class break and had to eat so fast that I can't say I actually tasted it. I'll try this one again because of that. In addition, the chicken was less yucky.

I did have a salad before this that I couldn't photograph because class had started.

And, I added a shake when I got home with some orange jello for flavor.

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