Monday, January 21, 2013

Fantastic day!

Wondering what this gonna look like? Just look below...

What a fantastic day!! Maybe I'm just feeling fantastic after a great workout, enormous dinner, delicious dessert, and posts on my FB that make my insides melt? Continuing that positive note, I also finished my homework AND started pulling research for a couple of projects! Granted, it's been a long weekend with MLK Day and the Inauguration, but it's been a great weekend. This is a good feeling to go into the upcoming week with. Especially since the upcoming week is not going to be an easy one.

OK, so my estimates for today...1223 calories eaten and 880 calories burned through physical activity.

I did a little grocery shopping today. It felt good to only buy veggies really. I got me some salad veggies and an assortment of frozen veggies and fruits. Before going to bed tonight, I'll make an eating plan for that includes peaches in my hot cereal and maybe a mango shake in the morning. It's kinda cool, I'm starting to get a little creative with the shakes. I didn't think they'd get boring this quickly, but they kinda are. As long as it's sugar free, I can add a teaspoon of pudding or jello mix, or some diet soda instead of water. I'm thinking of buying some diet orange soda to make a chocolate shake and adding a teaspoon of chocolate pudding...

And, as the icing on the cake, the food was pretty good today!


So, I was halfway through my apple when I realized that I did not take a photograph of the chocolate shake and banana I had for breakfast.

Beef stroganoff and cauliflower.

The beef entrees are definitely better than the chicken! The texture is like actual meat. Nothing weird. And the taste was good. Since this is one of the higher calorie meals, I'll probably only eat this on gym days.

I wasn't going to photograph it...but THIS is a chocolate and spinach shake. It's a disturbingly army green color, I'm not sure it comes out so well in the photo though. I'm thinking that the spinach might work well in a vanilla shake with some mint extract? You know, match the color to the flavor?

Beef and bean enchiladas and fiesta blend veggies

The 'tortilla' was mushy-ish, but had enough to it to not be offensive and the sauce had a nice spice. Next time, I may toss a little salsa on it.

Knowing that my workout this evening was going to be pretty intense, I saved a veggie portion for dinner and that's 2 cups of veggies instead of one.

My creamsicle shake!! Vanilla shake with a teaspoon of sugar free orange jello added for flavor

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