Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Day, New Lesson

So far, so good. Today was the first day that I was tempted to go off the new food plan. Not because I want to go off or don't like the food, or even had a craving...because I didn't plan well and I got hungry.

Note to self: never leave home without some food item that's "on the list!" And the sad part is, is that I brought food with me. I just didn't plan well today. I had extra food at lunch and not enough at dinner resulting in an extra shake when I got home tonight. Not the end of the world, I know.

It's funny, in some ways it's easier to eat on strict plan on a work day, in some ways it's harder. Easier because I don't feel the same urges to snack at work as I do at home. Harder because there's more logistics planning involved. I think I like eating on work days better though. I'm only three days in, but I miss the experience of cooking and eating. What can I say? I love to eat! I think I miss that most. This weightloss program is about maximum nutrition at low calorie counts. That's primary. They definitely build in variety and make sure that there's enough sweet to curb cravings. I'm very grateful for those shakes, especially tonight when I came home hungry.


vanilla shake with banana

 I forgot to take a photo of the actual cereal. The cereal is pretty darned good!

This was the beef with potatoes and veggies. I was pleasantly surprised by this on! The beef was actually like beef! The veggies were mushy though and I'm glad I added a cup of corn and a cup of broccoli.
 vanilla shake with berries mixed in
 So, this one is the savory chicken with long grain rice and mushrooms. Good flavor, but that damned chicken texture is a killer!
 I'm so grateful that I can have diet soda! And there's my carrot snack while watching a movie at a friend's house.
And a chocolate shake when I got home tonight! It staves off the hunger and gives me a sweet treat.

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