Friday, April 1, 2011

My kingdom for a cookie!

Overall, today sucked. However, the day got off to a good start...morning meditation, 20 minutes. I'm very grateful for the the meditation this morning, it's the only thing that kept me sane. One of the books my nutritionist wants me to read is 'Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers'. Apparently, zebras live their lives stress free because they don't have jobs. I haven't had time to read it yet...instead, I stress eat. I think I mentioned that before. Today was all full of normal work stuff, nothing over the top bad, just annoying. Normal stuff that wouldn't even ruffle my feathers except that we've had sooooo many obstacles at work this season that I'm a bit frazzled and have even less of a tolerance for crap than normal. I also have this very bad habit of holding everyone around me to the standards that I hold for myself. It's one of my character defects. Someday, eventually, I'll tire of it and stop doing it. Today is just not that day.

Luckily, this tale of woe has a happy ending. I rose to the challenge I set for myself and stayed on track with only a little deviation. Every meal today was off schedule...and eaten from a source other than my own kitchen. I spent my entire day craving sugar, wanting to not feel stressed. Craving sugar as a means of escape. However, I managed to avoid 'The Sug' and kept fat and carbs within acceptable limits. See for yourself...

For breakfast, a whole grain (oatmeal), fruit and protein. I finally got me some blueberries!

I did also have a big ol' grande americano before meditation this morning too. I don't think I would dare spend a day completely caffeine free.

Salad from the cafeteria....mixed greens, tomatoes, feta, red & green peppers, beets, kalmata olives, sunflower seeds, breaded chicken cutlet (deviation #1), weirdly cut cucumbers (just the centers, who does that?) and greek dressing (deviation #2). The soup was some kind of bean soup...7 bean maybe? It was delish!!

Smart now, I was hungry again and grumpy and considering a coffee drink full of sugar. Our coffee shop makes this yummy red velvet latte...I opted for the orange. Full of fiber, juicy yumminess and naturally sweet. Just what I needed!

I was doing homework while waiting for my friend for dinner...mmm cappuccino! 2% milk though. After the skim milk one last night, I decided that the little bit of extra dairy fat is just fine by me! I really like the foam and you need the fat to get the foam. Ask any barista.

When I ordered, the manager smiled brightly at me and said, 'Hello, Heather!'. It was weird...but she said it was better to call me by my name than by my normal breakfast order....Panera Bread, it's the new Cheers.

Last, but certainly not least.... You pick two at Panera!!! I live at Panera...Greek Salad (with cucumbers added special just for me and dressing on the side because they put too much on) with black bean soup and baguette. The tea is some habiscus fruit blend thing.

PS-the dressing here is deviation #3, no sugar, but I wouldn't keep all of it's ingredients in my own kitchen.

My greatest challenge yet on this adventure will come this weekend. Routines and schedules are much more difficult on the weekends. The workday provides structure. On the weekends, I'm on my own...wish me good food choices!!

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