Thursday, April 28, 2011

Art and eating

OK, insane fast post, I have to get up early tomorrow...

Tonight I went to the MFA to listen to a lecture by Linda Nochlin. Haven't heard of her? Well, she's one of the THE TOP art historians of our time and at least of the books I had to read in college. Well, her books were all about the periods that I'm not fond of, so I didn't really like them. However, she was funny tonight! She gave a lecture about 19th Century Realists and their depictions of misery. I know, not an easy subject to make jokes about.

Anyway, after the lecture, I took the opportunity to wander the museum, I haven't seen the new wing yet. The place was practically empty and I had it all to myself. What a treat! These are the most beautiful galleries I have ever seen! Paintings were hung salon style and the walls themselves were red and textured or blue or beige or lavendar...Just beautiful. A friend of mine is a guard there. He said that Thursday nights are usually pretty slow...guess where I want to go next Thursday night!

On the downside, I skipped dinner to go to the museum tonight. When I got home, I was starving, my blood sugar was low...I caved. I got a roast beef sandwich with all the toppings from Kelly's Roast Beef. The sandwich alone wouldn't bee so bad, but I topped it with cheese fries with bacon.

Lots of raspberries today!

Normal salad with some chicken for protein

Orange for a snack

Bad gross never want to eat it again loved every bit take-out from Kelly's. Roast beef with cheese, BBQ, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles...

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