Saturday, April 23, 2011

Yup, another quickie!

Hey there! I had a great day today, topped off with computer/printer issues. Grrrr. Anyway, long story short, I did really well sticking to my food plan. The best news though....I have gotten back into the habit of weighing myself AND have consistently weighed in three pounds lighter all week long! Not sure if I'm just lucky, or if cutting sweets is actually having an effect....I'm choosing to believe that cutting sweets is making a difference.

Did you know that it's normal for our weight to fluctuate daily? By time of day, by whether we've eaten or gone to the bathroom or what clothes/shoes/jewelry we are wearing. Our weight can easily fluctuate within a 10 pound range! For me, I weigh myself at roughly the same time daily, after going to the bathroom, before eating anything and wearing the same thing. Because I know my weight will fluctuate, I generally want to see three days in the same week at a lower weight before I'll consider it actual weight loss. But that's just me, I haven't read or been told that this is a good, or even common rule of thumb.

OK, it was my last banana and it was on it's last legs...and it was yummy!

Yup! Panera for breakfast! In case you don't remember, that's 2% milk in the cappuccino (you can tell 'cause there's foam) and fruit salad from the grocery.

Interesting side bit, the young woman who waits on me in the morning has begun seeing a nutritionist to gain weight. Her nutritionist wants her to eat 3000 calories per day...a perfect eating day for me is roughly 1200!

Panera's Greek salad for lunch...I ended up eating about 2/3 of it since I was working on schoolwork at the same time.

I did have a skinny vanilla latte with the salad as well.

Great dinner! A thin-sliced chicken breast, 1/2 baked sweet potato with some of last night's curry as a topping and green peas. Satisfying!

And then, there's the nightly popcorn...

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