Friday, April 29, 2011

Slips and dips

Wow!!! I feel good tonight!!! See, exercise does that to me!

I had a number of challenges today. First, I ate a cookie, a yummy sweet sugary biscuit cookie with a sugary heaven cream center. It was imported from England, so it was know, for the Royal Wedding. Regardless, gotta deal with the cravings now. Second challenge, my work-out. Boxing class with abs work-out. Me: fat and out of shape. Boxing and abs workout: incredibly difficult painful and all around fun. Third challenge, dinner in a restaurant. Luckily the restaurant was a steakhouse...steakhouses are usually easy to eat healthy in. I did have a little slip with a dip though...

I love my boxing classes! And I made plans to go to a total body conditioning class on Monday night...that one's gonna hurt. Anyway, going to boxing was like going home! I only get to go during semester breaks, so I look forward to it all the time. My friend G was there tonight and we had a little catch-up time. After class, the instructor and another woman and I went out to eat at a steakhouse. Here's the thing, I went off my plan a little, but stayed mostly on. My body is in some pain tonight and it's gonna be worse in a day or two. I love this kind of pain. It feels like a job well done, like hard work, like accomplishment.

For breakfast; oatmeal, eggs with hot sauce and a sausage pattie....I had my morning coffee earlier

The offending cookie paying homage to the happy couple.

Greek salad and black bean soup from Panera. They forgot my bread, but not really a big deal. I acutally ate about 1/2 of the soup because it got cold.

So, this is what's called an 'Onion Loaf' comes with a spicy mayonnaise dip. This was a shared appetizer, there were 3 of us sharing it.

The Greek Village Salad...I didn't eat the dressing and I added the carrots from my instructor's salad.

I ordered a 5oz filet...that didn't look like a 5oz filet, so I only ate 1/2 of it. I scarfed down the broccoli though!

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