Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quick entry for 4/15/11

This is really Friday's why didn't I post it on Friday? I left my camera on my desk as I raced out the door to go pick up my bib number for the Boston Athletic Association's annual 5K race. I love this race! Not only is it only a 5K, but it's the day before the Boston Marathon (our nation's oldest and hardest marathon!!) and uses the marathon's finish line as the 5K finish line. The 5K race is 3 years old this year. Coincidentally, this will be my third year running this race. I may end up doing some walking this year, but, damn it! I'm gettin' my medal at the end!

So, onto my eating!! Just there you can see my breakfast. A little egg and cheese on an english muffin with fruit. And, no, I did not forget my coffee.                                                                          

Plain, non-fat yogurt for a snack
No surprise here!

For lunch, a big salad with feta, chicken and kalmata olives and some watermelon to cure that sweet craving.

For dinner, homemade beef stew and brussel sprouts with some butter.

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