Friday, April 8, 2011

Don't forget to floss....Please!

OK, dear readers. Today's post will be short. Today was the first of 2 dentist appointments for my deep cleaning and scaling. I don't know about you, but I don't do well at the dentist and this was 2 full hours in the chair. First, with the dentist to get all numbed up and second with the hygienist for all the scraping underneath my gums. If you already floss daily, keep it up. If you don't, start. Apparently, we are supposed to floss daily from a very young age. Somewhere along the way, I missed that memo. Or rather, I probably ignored or didn't read it.

Anyway, I can't even count the number of novocaine shots I received this afternoon. Partly because I closed my eyes and enjoyed the nitrous, but mostly because I was stoned on valium. I kinda felt like the sister at her wedding in Sixteen Candles! Before I express to you the medieval torture that was inflicted upon me today, let me first say, that I'm OK with my dental team. I have no actual problem with them, I would recommend the folks at Harvard Vanguard Dental to any of you. My hygienist is pretty cool. I asked her to keep talking to me and she did. Part of what she said had nothing to do with my teeth, but she also talked about what she was doing and what the gunk was like that she was unearthing from deep underneath my gums. She said that the calcified crap (hardened bacteria) that she was scraping off my teeth was yellowish. Apparently, brown and black are the worst. You think that's gross? Well, when all this calcified crap gets that bad, it destroys the bone that holds your teeth. The bone that holds your teeth is your jaw. I'm willing to bet that you want to keep not only your teeth, but your jaw as well. If so, get to flossing!!

So, not my regular breakfast, and heavy on the protein, but those berries were O! so yummy!

I was rushing to eat my lunch and forgot to take a picture, but it was a garden salad with some greek pasta salad on top.
Ok, so by bed time, I've eaten 3 sugar free jello cups. So sweet and easy when you really can't chew.

My friend A brought me a mushy food meal!! (she brought the jello) Butternut squash soup from Whole Foods.

Mac and Cheese, also from Whole Foods...I ended up eating the whole portion...

Whole wheat pita and roasted red pepper hummus

And perhaps the best thing that Whole Foods cream made from coconut milk and agave syrup for sweetener.

No popcorn tonight...I can't exactly chew it and I can't imagine getting any stuck in my teeth. And I'll admit, I'll be skipping the brushing and flossing tonight. Just a salt water rinse and flouride mouthwash. I'm still too tender to brush or floss.

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