Monday, April 11, 2011

The whole bag of oreo's

Hello, followers! I haven't told you this before, but I love that I have followers. Makes me feel all Jimmy Jones, without the kool-aid, of course. It's such an ego trip! Well, dear followers, I had a interesting twist in my dental adventure today. My dentist's office called because they needed to re-schedule my 2nd appointment which was supposed to be on the 26th. Now, it's the 14th. I knew that I had the option of rescheduling or having a different doctor administer the novocaine, but here's the interesting part...The dentist, the periodontist and the hygienist all got together and decided for me that they would reschedule other patients to make room for my 2 hour appointment so that I would not have to see another doctor! Actually, it's not funny, they know how much anxiety I have over going to the dentist and that I've become accustomed to the team that I have.

I have to say, I really like all of my providers at Harvard Vanguard. Whether it's dental, primary care, behavioral health, sports medicine, the 'female doctor', the eye folks, the vampires, urgent care, the check-in ladies, or the ear/nose/throat guys, they're all awesome!! The X-ray guy was kinda creepy, but that was more because it was late in the evening. Needless to say, HVMA is my third home, Panera being second.

Here's how this all relates to my eating. First, my nutritionist is at Harvard Vanguard and she's part of why I started this little project. Second, I used my mushy food day as an excuse to eat things that I normally would not eat (jello and coconut milk frozen dessert). Now, I asked for both and I LOVE both and I'll probably eat both again after my second appointment. The unusual injection of sweetness into my body set off a cascade of cravings which caused me to eat all the coconut 'ice cream' at once (1pint = 1 serving, right?) and eat three jello desserts at a time. When it comes to sweets, I don't know how to stop. When I ran out of sweets, I hit up the get my point. One sweet is too much and 100 are never enough!

OK, so it's not like I'm never going to eat sweets again. That's not realistic. Any time we try to watch what we eat, it doesn't make sense to completely cut something out. I believe that that's a set-up for failure. And I also know that it's easy to get discouraged and then get so far off track that I might as well just eat that WHOLE bag of oreo's! What I can try to do is accept that some days I will be more on track than others. And on days that I'm off track, I can sit through the cravings for sweets without giving in. The craving will pass. Nothing lasts forever, even if it feels like it will.

I know, I'm so boring in the morning...approximately 1 cup of fresh berries, 3/4 cup Uncle Sam cereal, 8oz. skim milk and a hard boiled egg

Dull, boring plain non-fat yogurt snack...

Spicy tuna with cukes...but white rice. That's generally a no-no. Truth be told, I should have asked for a new roll to be made with much less spicy mayo...and brown rice.

Admittedly, after eating the sushi, I didn't eat the whole salad...

Homemade beef stew for dinner! I adore that I know every ingredient that went into this.

Now, I did get a plain frozen yogurt with mango and strawberries on my walk home tonight, and had popcorn while writing this.


  1. What are the little seed things I often see on your salads?

  2. I loved this posting. Your sugar cravings are exactly like mine. I never can put the brakes on sweets once I have 'an indulgence.' So my strategy on how to deal is to keep my house pretty clear of sweet goodies. I can have salty around (but no big chip bags). Salty is alright since I don't typically crave it and after while I forget all about it being in the cupboards.

    On the other hand, I keep sweets at bay and make sure I only try to have it when I'm out, so for dessert after a night out. And I try (emphasis on try) to curtail my cake-sweets buying tendencies at bakeries or store counters (oh, damn you Milky Way with Almonds! Damn you!).

    Thanks for this post specifically, it really called to me and my Achilles heel.