Thursday, April 7, 2011

A day full of friends

What a wonderful evening tonight spent with 'Littermate Lolita'! (nickname was her idea...) We explored bookstores, talked about boys, family, art, work, school, working out...everything! We walked through the Public Garden, watched the ducks, noticed flowers and trees and talked and talked. My friendship with Lolita is one of those friendships where you don't need to see or talk to each other everyday and still understand what's going on with the other. In many ways, we're so similar. In others, we couldn't be more different. The best part is that basic underlying understanding of where the other is coming from, of what makes the other tick, of the fears and hopes that motivate the other. It's the kind of friendship that develops over years, involves raw honesty delivered with sensitivity, and is filled with laughter.

I'm going to admit to you all that I cheated a little tonight...I had a skinny vanilla latte. Why is this cheating? Because sweet sugar-free products are really the same as having processed sugar. Why? Because my body can't tell the difference between the two and can trigger a sugar craving. That, and I want to avoid putting chemicals in my body.

Maybe it's good practice for tomorrow when I'm going to the dentist for a deep cleaning and scaling. I'm told that I should definitely eat before the appointment because I will not be able to eat after it. A couple of friends are helping me out with this appointment tomorrow. J will pick me up and make sure I get home safely and A is going to bring me a mushy food dinner and make me some tea in the evening. Me? I'm going to hit the valium and sleep off the pain. After that, they tell me that Advil ought to be enough.

Like I said, standard regular ol' breakfast...with grande americano.

Today turned out to be a day filled with my friends. One of them, ventured all the way across the city to have lunch with me today! We visited Harvard's cafeteria where I had this...there was a whole wheat pita, hummus, tabouleh (high fiber whole grain = poop maker!!!), cucumbers, onions, lettuce and tzatziki.

Shhhhhhh, but don't tell anyone, I ate leftovers. This is some of my chicken, broccoli and potatoes from last night with a little bit of ketchup.

Ok, time for me to go floss...damned oral hygiene, but that may be a topic for tomorrow.

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