Thursday, March 31, 2011

I gots ta go!

Apparently, as we age, some of us lose some amount of control over our bladders and 'leak'. Hmmmm. So, is this normal and is it everyone? By everyone, I actually mean women. I'm told that it's even worse if you have babies. As fetuses we wreak all sorts of havoc on our mothers' bodies and when our mothers are older, we continue to wreak said havoc. So, how can we prevent this through diet and nutrition? Well, we can't. We can, however, prevent the phenomenon known as leakage by going and not holding and by not having babies. So, everyone, pee often. To those of you who have already given birth, I'm sorry, but I can't help you any further. For the rest of us, well, keep leakage in mind when making your birth control choices.

I'm told that the average healthy adult pees 7 to 12 times a day...really?? I pee A LOT, or rather, I pee often. I decided to count today. I had my normal grande americano from the 'Bucks this morning and water throughout the day and went about my business. The only difference, I kept track of how many times I went to the bathroom. At the end of the workday it was only 6. At this time tonight, I'm up to 9. Still within the 'normal' limits. Good. I guess I don't pee as often as I think. At least something about me is normal!

Ta-daaaaa. My grande americano! My egg looks a little weird today...tasted good though! These were the last of strawberries, time to get to the grocery.

By the way, I missed my snack today...and didn't eat lunch until almost 2pm! Best laid plans, right?

I got a little lazy last night (and ran out of lettuce!) so I brought some chicken, the other half of the sweet potato from the other night and steamed broccoli for lunch. Yummers! And always nice to have a little change. I managed to not go to the grocery tonight and didn't cook, so tomorrow I'll test my resolve in the cafeteria for 2 meals. Will I be able to avoid the pizza?? You'll have to read tomorrow's post to find out!

And lastly, my dinner out. Notice the lack of vegetables?? Delish steak tacos, rice and beans from Dorado on Harvard Ave in Brookline. I've noticed that when eating out it's difficult to get plenty of vegetables. I've found that the easiest places to eat out are Panera Bread (they've got an awesome nutrition/meal planning section of their website), Longhorn Steakhouse and Legal Seafood. At Longhorn and Legals, remember to ask for the chef not to use butter! All three have great salads and at Longhorn and Legals you can get steamed veggies for a side.

Oh yeah, and I live at Panera Bread. Go ahead, ask me anything about it...I even had a cappuccino from there before dinner tonight. Don't worry, it was made with skim milk (which means the foam didn't really foam so much as melt).

SO, other than not enough veggies at din-din, I'm still on track!! No sugar and reasonable amounts of fats. Carbs were a bit off balance today (all consumed in the evening), but not in outrageous amounts and four major sources of protein (egg, chicken, steak and black beans).

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