Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obessessing on food throughout the day

Wow! I spent the day hungry. Not a good feeling, not good at all. I stayed on schedule, I ate what I prepared and brought with me, I kept it to real food, no sugar and low/no fat and avoided the birthday cake at the office party. So what did I do wrong??? I thought about food and what I would write about tonight all day long. I forget where I read it, but just thinking about food can make humans hungry. I was thinking that at 11am I can have a snack, at 1pm I can eat lunch...I made myself hungry all day.

When I wasn't thinking about what I was going to eat, I was wasting time here and there looking up nutrients on the internet. What can I say, I was curious as to why the hell there is chromium in my vitamins. Anyway, turns out, WebMD has a really easy to use website that talks about all the various dietary supplements. Yes, dear readers, I was thinking of you and what I would write about my day all day long.

Coming back to vitamins though, I take a women's formula multi-vitamin, acidophilus and a calcium supplement daily. I'm supposed to take a dose of fish oil (in oil form) daily as well, but it's super-gross! Kinda like that old SNL skit, super-star! but super-gross! Lucky for me, those wonderful Norwegians who bottle it, make it taste all lemony. It's a very special taste. My nutritionist recommended, and I agree, that I should take a whole food vitamin. What does this mean? Simply that it smells worse than any vitamin ever created by chemists in a lab. Oh joy. Actually, I take this kind because I'm not a scientist and certainly not a food expert, but even they'll tell you that we don't know everything about what our bodies need and how to get it and why it works. The experts do agree that the best place to get our nutrition is from food, not from pills and powders and capsules. They also agree that there are probably micro-nutrients that we don't know exist. This is why I buy vitamins derived from actual food, so that just maybe, if vitamin X is out there, it's in me too. Vitamin X, the abominable snowman of the nutrition world!

And the chromium? Well, it's supposed to help my body process sugar. It's thought to work with and give a boost to how well insulin works, which is great for someone who's pre-diabetic. (I'm not.) Which, reminds me. At my last visit to the nutritionist, she asked me to measure my waistline. I had visions of Scarlett O'Hara, 'Mammy, you've just got to make it 18 inches again!' If only corsets were practical (and comfortable)! I haven't done it yet because I need to get a tape measure. I was at the tailor's this morning, I should have borrowed his...anyway, a waistline greater than 32 inches is considered a risk factor for diabetes. I don't know about you, but I'd really like to NOT develop diabetes.

I did skip the egg at breakfast this morning...and still no blueberries in the cafeteria. I might have to bring some frozen ones tomorrow.
 My 11am snack...yummy creamy yogurt!

You'll see this salad a lot...the container is 5 cups. Did you know that most vegetables are 80% or more water? AND, 'they' now say that we don't necessarily need to drink 64 ounces of water a day. Instead, we should follow our thirst...and that it's ok to get our water from food and caffeinated beverages. I'm not too sure about the caffeinated beverages. On the subject of water, the experts also say you should pee 7-12 times a day.

Mmmmmmm, such a tempting afternoon snack! My favorite apple, a pink lady.

And, my dinner. I'll bet you're wondering where the starch is or if I meant to eat corn. Right? Well, corn is considered to be a starchy vegetable so it counts as a starch, as do the lima beans in that mix. And yes, I meant to eat corn. I added Frank's brand buffalo sauce to the chicken. Amazingly, many sauces and condiments have negligible calories or anything else, so you can have as much as you want. Salad dressing, mayonnaise and barbeque sauce are not three of these. However, mustard, ketchup and frank's buffalo sauce are!

And, yes, I had popcorn again tonight...


  1. What are the little seed-like things in your salad? I am shocked about the waistline thing, it seems kind of... bizarre... I dunno.. Or weirdly specific? Anyhoo, looks like you're doing an amazing job!

  2. Dara, the seeds are sunflower seeds. And, yeah, I thought the same thing about the waistline measurement...Once I buy a tape measure I'll do it, but I doubt I share the results!