Sunday, March 27, 2011

First bLog...EVER

OK. Here goes. My attempt to document what I eat. It's not fancy and it's not cuisine. But hopefully, it's healthy real food. I want to eat healthy and I want to eat healthy consistently. The problem is, it's really difficult to do. Eating healthy takes more time than I have, more time than many people have.

My desire to eat healthy is part of my overall desire to be healthy. Being healthy involves diet and exercise. Well, right now, I don't get much exercise. I work full time and go to graduate school at night. Work and school, that's my life these days and both involve sitting still for lengthy periods of time. Not exactly conducive for buns, abs, or anything else of steel. The result? 20 pounds and 2 years of school yet to go.

Seeing as how a focus on 'calories-out' isn't realistic right now, I'm going to turn my focus to 'calories-in'. No, I'm not going to actually count calories, but I am going to focus on reducing (not eliminating) carbs, eating lots of veggies, and minimizing fats, processed sugars and non-foods. What do I mean by non-foods? Well, read Michael Pollen's In Defense of Food. I will try to:
  • Avoid 'foods' that my great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food
  • Avoid 'foods' with ingredients that I wouldn't keep in my own kitchen, are unpronounceable, or include high-fructose corn syrup
  • Shop on the peripheries of the grocery store
  • Eat lots of plants
That's it, really. That's what I'll try to do, and document it here. My lunch today: Maryland crabcake with russian dressing and salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

Dinner: garden salad with 2 chicken tenders, sunflower seeds and Ken's Italian dressing
Ok, so I didn't do so hot at lunch with fried food and russian dressing...I'm sure there's waaaay more sugar in there than I'd like to have...But dinner was a much better attempt.

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