Saturday, August 13, 2011

Uploading from the airport...

Hi there! I'm sitting at the airport, waiting for my flight...multi-tasking a bit!! Vacation, here I come!!!!!

Apparently, blogger and airport wi-fi don't like each other very much and it's taking a really long time to load photos...for now, I'll just say that my eating has not been great. I've been going for ease and convenience rather than health. I don't have an answer to why I stop doing the things that ease stress when I feel stress. I wish I did. Maybe it would help me understand why I give up healthy eating and reach for pizza and ice cream or skip the gym...If you all have suggestions, I'd really love to hear them. Why is it that we stop taking care of ourselves when it is most important??

My posts have not been as frequent as I would like...and for the next week and a half, this may continue. I'll be on vacation in Arizona, California and Nevada. Livin' the dream!! It is much needed...and I will eat many Mickey Mouse shaped ice creams on a stick. If you're a Facebook friend, watch for vacation photos too! One of these days, I'll get around to having a regular old online album with Picasa or something like that.

See you on the west coast!!

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