Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shopping vs. Sugar

Hello there!! My summer term is almost over...although I've still got this darned paper to finish! I'm working on it, I'm working on it. I did accomplish much tonight. I feel good about that.

Not only did I get some writing done, but I also got a new, and more importantly, larger suitcase for my upcoming vacation. What's better than large? Large and PURPLE!!! If you know me, then you know that purple is my favorite color. I made an impulse buy today too...a soft black leather jacket. I couldn't help myself. Retail therapy. It's amazing the ways we find to soothe ourselves in times of stress. And, no, I'm not returning it.

Shopping can be just like sugar...it's a great little high right there in the moment, but it doesn't last and can have other nasty repercussions. These temporary fixes are not the goal. Whether it's shopping or sugar, it's important that we practice moderation and know our limits. I know that if I eat sugar, I'm more likely to eat more. It's the same with shopping. It feels good in the moment to have the newest and the latest, but what am I giving up for it and did I even think about what I gave up at the time of the purchase? Probably not.

Although, I will say that I don't have a fall jacket that currently fits and this one was soooooooo discounted that I couldn't abandon it to the rack to wait for another buyer. See, and I make excuses for sugar too. What do you make excuses for?

I did manage a run last night though. That's good!

A little hot sauce on my eggy-wegs and some herbed taters. Yum. Not pictured: skim milk for my cereal.

How about if I promise NOT to have pizza tomorrow?

Damn you Starbucks and your evil treat receipts of hell!

We've got a piece of chicken there, steamed broccoli and Trader Joe's frozen penne with arrabiata sauce and romano cheese. YUM!!

Let it be known that I'm actually running out of food in my house...I'm not going to replenish because I'm just leaving for vacation in a few days. The last thing I want to come home to is a fridge full of moldy food!

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