Monday, August 8, 2011

Catching up in photos

Seriously, I'm getting shoddy at posting's done at the end of this week. It should get better.


A little steak, potatoes and broccoli

nachos, lovely nachos

Salad and pita bread with a little kalmata olive vinaigrette


mmm fresh fruit

Y'all know what this is...


Salad and lemon lavender pound cake...what story does this picture not tell?? Well, at a friend's house, I had a frosted brownie and some sushi...and a shrimp that was the size of a lobster!

Fresh berries and lemon lavender pound cake

No need for explanation...except to say that the guy saw me in line, spoke to me by name and had my sandwich ready before I was done paying! They know me there...


Chicken with a little buffalo sauce, potatoes with ketchup and broccoli. Yummy and spicy!

Pizza for lunch = craving...

Salad with some added feta, kalmata olives and hot peppers, no dressing...I ate about 1/2 of it today.

Yes, three days in a row. Don't judge me.

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