Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great reminders

Last night, a wonderful thing occurred. I got live feedback from one of my readers. She told me how she has some of the same food struggles as me! She said that reading my blog inspires her! WOW!

See, I need to hear that. I need to know that I'm not alone in striving to eat healthy. That others experience the same kinds of difficulties that I do. Another friend told me recently that she didn't realize how much discipline I had with my daily eating until she saw what I ate on vacation. I need to hear that too! I write this blog to gain additional accountability with my eating. It's kinda like therapy for me...and what great reminders my friends give me!!

Sometimes it's hard to see our own patterns, sometimes it's easy. Sometimes it's easy to deny them, other times we write a blog and post pictures. I know that I struggle with sugar. I know that I love to eat fatty, carby, sweet sweet nothings that will pack pounds onto my thighs and ass and fat around my belly. I also know that this is not the sort of junk I want in my trunk, so to speak. I also know that I'm back from vacation and need to get serious about my eating again. It's soooo hard though!

I've had a small smattering of the sweet sweet stuff...OK, it was a large overdose, but still. It's hard to deprive my body of sugar once it's been introduced again. I know that whether I feel it or not, that sugar gives my body a little rush, a high. And then comes the crash. Again, I don't always feel it, but my body does. I know that my body loves the sugar, craves the sugar, worships at the altar of the sugar gods. I know that if I have just a little, that I'm going to want more and more and more.

For me, one is too much and a 100 are never enough. It's pretty much an all or nothing kind of deal on the processed sugar for me. I guess that suits me fine. I've been the kind of girl who goes to extremes in whatever I'm doing anyway. At least this one's good for me.


Standard regular breakfast...except for the 1% milk...this was a choice. I have to admit, it tastes better. Back to skim next week!

Afternoon nectarine...I forgot to photograph my was the standard regular salad, no surprises.

J took me out to Petit Robert tonight...we had these great tasting menu selections...I started with mussels.

And moved on to the veal cutlet...I said it before, I generally try not to bring politics into my eating. And I'll just let it be said, the less my calf was alive, the better and more tender. Anyhow, those are capers (which I normally do not like) and hard boiled egg on the veal with some potatoes, green beans and carrots.

Chocolate mousse for dessert!

Indian buffet at Tanjore in Harvard Square. My favorite Indian restaurant!!! Not pictured: the second plate and rice pudding with the doughy ball things in rose sugar syrup stuff that are to die for but I don't know the name of.
Dinner at American Craft....Spinach salad with onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, gorgonzola and candied pecans. I only used a little of the dressing. I also ate about 5 or 6 french fries dipped in this bleu cheese fondue thingy. I think I'm the only who liked the fondue thingy.

UFC fight night. This is where things started downhill with pizza, a cupcake and soda...

...cheese, crackers and olives.


Hurricane whole wheat pancakes! For the hurricane that never was. There's 2 there, I had 4 with lots of syrup. Anyhow, there's almonds and blueberries in the pancakes with fresh berries on the side.
Almond butter and strawberry jelly on whole grain. Amazingly, there is no added sugar in the jam...grape juice, strawberries, and pectin. It's Whole Foods 365 brand...and it's yummy!! The bread is their organic brand and the almond butter was crushed in store there too. You can see my hurricane jewelry making project in back...I was too busy to eat today.

I did make a giant bowl of popcorn tonight. But even this was different...I bought corn kernels and popped them myself in olive oil! No butter, just a little salt. Way better than microwave and so much simpler of an ingredient list!

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