Friday, August 5, 2011

School and stress and success

My stress levels are high right now...I'm not exercising, I'm not sleeping enough, I'm not particularly 'on' my foodplan, I'm procrastinating, my thoughts are going a mile a minute, I'm not prepared for class tonight, I've got a million-zillion things to do at work, and then, it happened.

The whole world slowed down and my brain quieted.

What happened? Well, I was sitting there in class tonight and had my paper in know, the one I started writing in NY and drove an extra 150 miles or so to finish....the one that I asked for an extension on so that I could put together a couple of exhibits (nothing fancy) because it was 12:30 in the morning and I was exhausted. That paper.

I got an A+!!!!!!!!

In that moment, I stopped breathing, my heart stopped beating, the sounds around me stopped sounding, the world was still and at peace....all was as it should be. Have I ever told you this? I've never gotten an A+ on my writing before. Sssshhhhh, don't let that get out!

Don't fear and don't's a few hours later and the stress is's onto the next project. Luckily, we're getting something like 5 hours of class time to work on it. It's due on the 12th and I leave for vaca on the 13th. Let's see how this one goes...the prof gave us a formula to follow...I shall follow it.

Now, onto the food....


I'm sorry, but I can not go to the movies without popcorn and soda....Seriously, I didn't eat much of the popcorn or drink much of the soda.

Chocolate therapy....need I say more?

Java chip frappuccino



Steamed broccoli, potatoes with onions and red peppers (I added ketchup), and a little piece of steak.


See, lunch started OK...right?

Oatmeal with cinnamon, eggs with cheese and ham and hot sauce and yummy yummy fruit


And yes, I ate the whole pint in one's veggies tomorrow....

Salad with a little Italian dressing and beef stew with rice

Oatmeal, eggs with cheese and hot sauce and fruit

Did you notice that my pictures are in reverse order these days?? Well, I've been importing each day as a group rather than one by one. Which do order do you prefer??

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