Friday, December 2, 2011

Puberty on steroids

School is finally winding down...I've still got a ton of work to do, but the end is very nearly in sight.

Lately, I've been managing to read what I thought was a light, entertaining book in the mornings on the train and in my few minutes here and there. Damn it, the book didn't turn out to be so mindless. The female author is in her mid-thirties and telling stories of many of her failed 'relationships' through her 20' was full of the kind of self-deprecating humor that one would expect to read about those early years of adulthood. I don't know why, but what I wasn't expecting was the end when she talked about trying to find the piece that would make her whole and then discovering that she was whole all along.

No matter how we get there, that journey through early adulthood is never easy. People say that they'd never go back to high school. Well, I'd never go back to my 20's! My own personal circumstances in those years were bad enough, but to go back to a low-paying job and be on my own with the way! Seriously, those years were challenging personally for so many reasons, and then add to it that it was the first time in my life that I was actually on my own. No family nearby, no roommates. I was responsible for everything. The rent, the bills, the grocery shopping, the cleaning. Ugh. The cleaning. A full decade later and I'm still not a fan.

Anyhow, you think puberty was tough, well, that transition into adulthood was puberty on steroids! The good news? I made it, relatively unscathed, to the other side. The bad news? Well, there is no bad news. I had the same discovery somewhere along the way that I'm a whole person all by myself. And, just like the author, I also like my life just a little bit more when there's a cat in it.


mmm, popcorn
Frozen Trader Joe's roasted pork dinner with rice & beans and plantains, a little broccoli on the side
Vanilla yogurt and granola
Sweet potato pie for breakfast!


That's right. Thanksgiving is over so it's OK to get the Christmas dishes out! That was some frozen Trader Joe's pizza thing with zuchini, squash, eggplant and pesto for a grand total of 250 calories. I had to destroy that and added extra full fat cheese...
 big salad and pizza slice
fruit, granola and yogurt


salad with a little barley salad and egg...
 salad and pizza...this fresh tomato and fresh mozzarella and pesto was some of the best pizza I've ever had!!


salmon and avocado with melon
 salad and pizza--seeing a trend?
 Power sandwich with tomato and some kind of yummy peppers that I can't spell...
sweet potato pie...for breakfast again


Yeah, grilled cheese...this was for my group project this semester. My group did a project on Cheeseboy (see, I told you I was eating there for school!). We brought in samples for the class to enjoy before we gave our presentation. We were a HUGE hit!! Not only did the prof give us some extra time so we could include a video, but he allowed about 15 minutes of Q & A because our presentation was so popular!

salad and pizza

fruit for a snack

oatmeal with cinnamon, fruit and an egg

chocolate mousse cake...I think was actually a late night snack thing, not breakfast, but that's OK.


snack after dinner
 sushi, yet again...
 sushi for lunch and an apple for a snack
 fruit snack
 Power sandwich with tomatoes and those peppers...fruit an cappuccino
nachos....these were definitely from late last night when I was up until 1am finishing my damned homework...

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