Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Goals!

It's nearing an semester, that is. I turned in a final paper and had the last meeting of one class tonight. The weekend will still be full of homework for another class...and I'll be doing school work all day on Friday too. The end is in sight...that's the point.

I visited my nutritionist this week and we set some new goals. I'm hoping that you all will help me stay on track with them.

Food Goal: NO cafeteria pizza...If I'm eating in the cafeteria, I will make choices other than pizza. Other than the fact that I love pizza, I usually grab it because it's quick and I'm craving carbs. So, what will I do instead? Our cafeteria has 2 homemade soup choices each day, there's fresh made sandwiches, hotmeal selections and sushi. None of these is necessarily the ideal choice...but they are a better choice than pizza. Notice that this goal doesn't involve any pizza other than that which is sold in the cafeteria? Yup. It's an out. I'm not all that likely to buy a frozen pizza or to order one, but this allows the opportunity.

Activity Goal:  First, I'm going to survive this week. Then, starting next week, I'm going to work out 4 times per week until classes begin again. I'll say it now...all bets will be off for the week of Christmas. I'm going to Seattle to visit with friends...I'm not sure how work outs will go. However, once I'm back home, it's back to the gym! At least until classes begin in January and then I'll revisit this goal again.

There you have it. My Goals. Obviously, the cafeteria pizza goal starts now. The work out goal begins December 12th.

Since going to the nutritionist on Monday (today is Wednesday), I've been really good about my food. Until tonight. Tonight I had nachos. HOWEVER, just by eating pretty much only veggies, I flushed out all that water that carbs and sodium force my body to hold in. It was 3 pounds on the scale! WOW! I know it's just water, but it was the little boost I needed to keep going. I was starting to get discouraged. Not because I didn't think I couldn't take a few pounds off, but because I have to wait to get started. Just seeing a smaller number on the scale two mornings in a row was the boost of encouragement that I needed. Just that little small win can make all the difference!


2 egg scramble with broccoli, peppers, carrots, a little lowfat swiss and salsa with berries and cinnamon raisin toast

I'm a little one has commented on my Christmas dishes...I ♥ them!

So, I bought this fashion magazine for one of the cover titles...'Look Thinner by Tonight'. I had to find out what kind of craziness they were touting. Well, turns out, it wasn't so bad, if you're already model thin. What it did do was give me a new salad dressing recipe though. Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and a dash of olive oil. It's delicious and even got my nutritionist's approval!

Yeah, popcorn.


Same salad dressing and I added some apple and walnuts to the salad
 This is what I mean that the other cafeteria choices aren't perfect...the soup is homemade, but they use white rice. In a perfect world, I would not be eating white rice.
1/2 cup Blueberry Granola cereal from Trader Joe's with berries, eggs with peppers and tomatoes, melon and pineapple


Salad from the grocery salad bar with the apple cider vinegar and lemon juice dressing...and, drum roll please...Panera's Lemon Orzo Chicken Soup. They sell heat and serve Panera soup at my grocery!!!!!
Another example of how the cafeteria isn't perfect...all the sushi is white rice. And, you can't get spicy sushi (which is my favorite) because they put sooooo much spicy mayo on it. Anyhow, salmon and avocado...yum!
eggs with hot sauce, berries and yogurt, and oatmeal with cinnamon


Those darned nachos.
 Pretty normal salad...
 Ok, cafeteria salad and actual, real, from Panera chicken noodle soup!
Yummy berries and 6 oz of granola, eggs and yogurt

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