Monday, December 19, 2011


It's been far too long...You'd think that since classes ended that I'd be better about writing. Apparently not. So here goes with the photos...I promise to write again one day. Today's just not the day, I had two work-outs tonight and I'm tired.

Taco night on the Christmas china...gotta love it!
 Salad with filet, the best chicken soup that ever came out of the cafeteria and a little pasta

Nachos with the taco meat!
 Sushi!!!!! Salmon and tuna. YUM!
 Salad with chicken soup...I didn't actual eat the barley salad.
Berries, vanilla yogurt, granola and some eggs


BBQ at the office holiday party
 OK, so we've got marshmallows, rice crispie treats and oreos...that you dip in chocolate fondue!!! Trust me, I ate more than this.
 Salad and Italian sausage soup

Vanilla yogurt and granola with fruit
Nachos for dinner!
 Salad and salmon with avocado sushi

Egg and cheese on an English muffin with fruit

Popcorn at the Somerville Theatre...rumor has it, it's the best...I think I agree!
 Indian for dinner...rice, vegetable navratan curry, a little lamb tikka masala, daal and garlic naan. And trust me, I ate more than this.
 My lamb burger with fries from 5 Napkins Burger!
 The spicy wings from 5 Napkins Burger
OK, not my best breakfast egg, low fat swiss, sundried tomato, roasted peppers and pesto with fruit.

Eggs with cheese and salsa, toast with strawberry jam and pineapple. Much better than my previous breakfast attempt.

The rest of my food for the day consisted of sugar, sugar, sugar and more sugar, all in the form of cookies from my cookie swap.

Nothin' like nachos after a work-out...I've eaten about 1/2 of them.
 Pizza and salad. I was too lazy to make dinner after 300+ sit-ups
 I couldn't resist the buffalo chicken! So I also went with the bleu cheese dressing...tomatoes with fresh mozzarella with some pasta
Oatmeal with cinnamon and brown sugar and fruit

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