Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Out and about in the Pacific Northwest

Seattle is a great town for food!!! I'm not so sure about how good a town it is for my waist though...at this point, we'll just see when we get back to Boston. The holidays are always a time to gain a little weight, but I'm actually afraid to see my scale in a couple of days. That's what lettuce is for, right? No. I've been joking that it's nothing but lettuce from here on out...however, that's definitely NOT the way to lose weight and get healthy. When I get back, I'll return to eating sensibly and return to the gym.


Dinner back in Seattle after a short jaunt to Portland, OR----at Toulouse Petit

corn and green beans with ham
 I invoked the 'duck clause'---when there is duck on the menu, order it.

duck confit
 fresh mozzarell and tomatoes
 snack on the road
 Veggie and cheese from Subway...
 How can you resist a pink donut with marshmallows?????
 El Diabolos Rex....chocolate donut with chocolate frosting...from the world famous Voo Doo Donuts!! The magic is in the hole.
Breakfast buffet at the Double Tree...


Coconut cream pie from Lola's
 Roast Lamb and brussel sprouts from Lola's
 bread at Lola's
 Greek salad at Lola's
 spreads for the bread at Lola's
 garden burger...I ate 1/2 the burger and exactly ZERO of the veggies and pickle....that bad.
 Wondrous Egg Bialy and buttermilk biscuit with strawberry jam at Macrina Bakery
I actually at this Oreo covered donut the night we got back from OR...however, my camera does not understand that we've crossed into a different time zone and therefore thinks it's tomorrow 3 hours ahead of schedule.

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