Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lifelong endeavor

Well, well...I'm going to take this opportunity to let you all know what I'm doing, how my weight is going...all that good stuff....

I gained about 10 pounds during the fall semester...not good. It's time to get rid of it! SO! Here's what I'm doing for work-outs until school starts:

Mondays - abs/arms/legs at WOW
Tuesdays - kickboxing gym
Wednesdays - arms/abs at WOW
Thursdays - kickboxing gym
Fridays - possible day off...or abs/arms/legs at WOW
Saturdays - boxing at BSC
Sundays - rock climbing and kickboxing gym

Phew!! I'm going to three gyms for the month of January.

I'm three days into this and so sore I can barely walk. I will soldier on. The goal is to lose 10 pounds, and I will do it! The spring semester is longer than the fall and I'm in for a semester like no other! One class in particular is insanely difficult, and there's a 9 day trip to the Middle East thrown in there. Yeah,  remember that trip?? Well, it's all happening!

On another note. I read an article today that talked about how significant weight loss and the maintenance of that weight loss is a lifelong effort. Duh! There was much discussion on Facebook about how depressing this notion is...that those of us who lose more than 10% of our body weight have to work harder and continue to eat fewer calories for the long term to maintain the lower weight. Why? Because our bodies 'defend the higher weight' and essentially work against us, creating more ghrelin than we need. That f-ing hunger hormone strikes again!

Anyway, as I was waiting for the train this evening, I gave this more thought. And here's what I've come up with...Those of us who have need to lose more than 10% of our body weight have been overweight for a long long time...a significant portion of our lives as a matter of fact. Basically, we've told our bodies for years and years that it needs X amount of calories daily. Our bodies don't know any different. OK. So, when we eat less than X calories, we should lose weight or gain it less slowly because we are expending the same level of energy (or greater) but taking in less fuel. Easy enough. Remember the Elephant and the Rider though? Well, when we change our eating habits, the rider is taking control. Habits that have been in place for years are not easily changed! The Elephant will this case, the elephant is our hormones. Unfortunately, we can't control our hormones with any amount of self-will or control. We just have to ride it out until we establish a new normal that our bodies can accept.

Establish a new normal? Sure! We didn't condition our bodies to think that X calories daily is the norm in a few days or weeks or months. No, it took years. It makes sense to me that it should take years to undo what we have done to ourselves. Think about bad habits that we want to takes time, right? Same here. We can't give up!! We need to be vigilant about our caloric intake and energy output. Eventually, our hormones will catch up. I believe this to be true. I believe it not because I want to, but because I have to. Commitment to my body and my health is a lifelong endeavor that I'm ready to take on. Are you?

 12/28/11--My last day in Seattle
Popcorn, swedish fish and soda at The Big Picture

 mmmm, sweet treat from Fran's
 Greek salad from Purple Cafe
I also had the tomato soup here (it was to die for!), but forgot to photograph it
 Dry brand blood orange soda and bread with the most divine whipped butter at Purple Cafe
Granola, yogurt and fruit with lemon lavendar coffee cake from Macrina Bakery. I even brought home some of the granola, it is soooo good!!


mixed nuts in first class on Alaska Airlines
 pastry thingy with eggs, bacon and asparagus. I did not eat the asparagus!
 fruit platter...isn't first class fun!?
 squash loaf from Macrina! The staff there wrapped my snacks individually for me so that they'd stay fresh for the trip back to Boston! If you're ever in Seattle, I HIGHLY recommend a trip to Macrina Bakery!
OK, this is actually dinner on 12/28...a cuban that I ate 1/2 of and fries with spicy ketchup


Back in Boston!!

Pizza and greek salad
 Fran's Chocolates!!! To be fair, I ate these over the next several days. And they were divine!!
 A citrus oat scone from Macrina! YUMMERS!!!
2 eggs, cheese, salsa and tortilla for breakfast


 fries at the Cheesecake Factory
 Ginormous chopped salad at the Cheesecake Factory
 a little bread with lunch
Granola from Macrina and yogurt 

Roll your own sushi at the NYE party!!!


Pizza and salad
 granola and yogurt


 lazy dinner...but only 260 calories and just enough carbs to actually be satisfying. Weird. I will not be making a habit of this though.
fruit with granola and yogurt


pizza and salad...
 Chicken noodle soup, salad and a little pasta...the raviolis were filled with lobster. Not a good combo with pesto.
fruit, egg, and granola with yogurt. Can you tell that I'm back at the office??


chicken and broccoli...I had nachos after that I did not photograph

before dinner, I also had an apple and some cheese after working out.
 big salad!
eggs with hot sauce, granola and yogurt, and fruit

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