Saturday, January 21, 2012

New goals = New questions

What a great weekend so far!!! A much needed girls night out and a visitor from DC. I am one lucky girl.

On the less fun side of things, it's time to get back to the books and back to class. That means re-thinking some exercise goals...I'm not certain how this is going to work really. I'd like to get a minimum of 3 work-outs each week. I don't know yet if I'm setting a realistic goal for myself or not though. The start of a new term and setting new goals is always a bit scary for me. There's always some trepidation...are my goals too difficult? Are they too easy?? Am I allowing myself too much or too little flexibility?

Well, this time it's even more difficult...I'll probably be giving up exercising at WOW, but I want to incorporate the abs work that I'm doing. OK, that's not difficult. But will I actually do it?? I don't want to give up my membership at BSC, it's my 'safety gym'. OK. I want to buy a membership at Redline Fight Sports, but will I use it? I'm so in love with this new gym!! Mostly, I just don't like the doubts that I have. But that's just me, I need to know, need to have control.

Here's another question to think I willing to sacrifice an A to be able to go to kickboxing classes?? Or, do I even have to? Can I do both? Other students do, so why not me???

I guess I'll keep my goal of 3 work-outs, but for now, I won't specify what they'll be.


a chocolate tower at the Four Seasons

See the people at the table in the background? Tom Brady's parents!
 cappuccino at the Four Seasons
 Duck breast with curried cauliflower at the Beehive

The duck was to die for!!! It was supposed to come with rice, I substituted the cauliflower.
 hummus platter
 salad for lunch
healthy and colorful breakfast. And lemon yogurt is surprisingly good!


I saw my friend's california rolls and I had to have my own!!!
yummy sushi!!! Salmon and Tuna
Greek salad from Paradise Bakery

I skipped breakfast...I don't recommend doing this. I didn't quite feel right all day. Not bad, just not in top form. My work-out was sloppy and difficult because I had no energy (and I'm still sick...)

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