Sunday, January 15, 2012

Keep plugging along

Still plugging along...I gotta say, I'm getting a little discouraged. I still haven't lost any weight. HOWEVER, I'm loving the work-outs!!!! Today was rock climbing and kickboxing. I can't give this stuff up!! Tonight, while demonstrating a kick on me, the instructor missed the pads and kicked me in the lower abdomen. After that, we were learning I was falling, I accidentally brought the other woman down on top of me. She kneed me in the groin. Men, I'm starting to understand how you feel.

In other news, I started some of my reading for school this weekend. Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day, I plan to spend some time on begins. I'm going to keep up this crazy work-out schedule until classes begin. I have another week and a half. But it's also time to start thinking about work-out schedules during class time. I love this kickboxing gym! I can't give it up. It's time to start thinking about how to work it in to my schedule. These are the most challenging work-outs I've ever experienced and I'm starting to learn moves that I want to keep practicing and improving. If this euphoria is what it feels like to hear your calling, then I'm in!


Sushi for dinner!
 Apple and 1/4 cup walnuts for a snack
 Salad, chicken soup and a little pasta
 Orange and cheese for a snack
 Eggs, fruit and 3/4 cup Uncle Sam cereal
Fruit cup


Ok, I cheated and went with a frozen dinner. I was so hungry and so tired.
 Apple and 1/4 cup walnuts as a snack after the gym
 Salad with a little pasta
Eggs, potatoes, berries and 1/4 cup Uncle Sam cereal


OK, cheated again...I ate 2/3 of it for dinner and the other 1/3 for breakfast the next day
 Lunch at the meeting I attended for my boss
Breakfast at the meeting I attended for my boss...I had a Kashi granola bar on my way to the meeting.


This was not my best eating day...half a wrap for dinner
Lunch at the GW Alumni Reception before the GW-Harvard Basketball game...clam chowder, roast beef and 2 dessert bars

And remember, I had pizza for breakfast


Homemade Chile (not mine though) with cornbread and some cheese...I had 2 bowls!
 Salad with chicken and avocado at Margaritas
 Chips and salsa before lunch
 Panera's new Mediterranean breakfast sandwich, fruit and cappuccino
toast with butter and jam

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