Friday, December 23, 2011

Small steps

Dear, dear, dear. I feel like I'm starting over...yet a-freakin'-gain. My weight is up...but I'm rationalizing. I've been eating salty snacks and retaining water. I'm pre-menstrual and retaining water. Both are true, but are no excuse for eating crap. I'd like to say I have a great holiday plan for staying healthy, but I don't. In fact, I'm visiting friends in Seattle...friends who are great cooks and we have plans to go out to some fantastic restaurants. My plan has only gotten as far as to make several trips to the Macrina Bakery while I'm here.

What I have done help with getting back to working to buy a Living Social deal for a boxing/kickboxing gym back in Cambridge, MA. I love boxing but don't get to do it often because of my school schedule. A friend of mine teaches kickboxing at this particular gym and is a total badass! She's agreed to go with me my first time and show me around. With this deal, I'll get to go to unlimited classes for one month. I figure I can use three weeks before classes get going. Perfect!!

And my friend being there is the best part. It's always good to have a work-out friend or two. Especially when I feel like I'm starting all over again. Sometimes I need that sense of obligation to another just to get to the gym. That promise of seeing a friend is enough to get me there. Once I get there, I'm good. Once I get there, I'll work out, break a sweat at least. Sometimes that's enough, small steps to get back into it. Small steps to pace myself getting back into it. Small steps to build confidence that I still can.

White tiger tuna sushi
 OK, only that salmon roll is mine...
 shumai and sushi
 a little salad to start with
 Panera!!! Greek salad and chicken noodle soup
Eggs, Uncle Sam cereal, and berries

Salad with chicken, apple and some cheddar cheese on the side
 Salad with pesto pasta, an egg and tomato and rice soup
Eggs, berries, Uncle Sam cereal and plan non-fat yogurt


Another sushi feast!
 Salad with chicken, tortellini with afredo sauce and peas
Berries, Uncle Sam cereal, and quiche with scallion and cheese

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