Sunday, December 25, 2011

Seattle eats, Christmas-style

Wow!! Am I going to have some work to do when I get back to Boston...or rather some working-out. I keep saying that from now on, I'm eating only lettuce...but it doesn't happen. Holiday eating is never good for my weight...and today was no exception.

We were talking tonight about how when we go on vacation, we do much extra walking...well, not really. Vacation walking tends to be strolling at a leisurely pace...not an aerobic exercise. Ugh, am I going to have some working out to do when I get home. And there's still several more great eating opportunities while I'm on the west coast!


Always start with dessert, right? I don't even remember what all this was called...but some to die for chocolate hazelnut cake with hazelnut brittle and a little sweet sorbet
 Prime rib with root veggies and some weird potato thingy---I did not eat any of the horseradish sauce and I gave all the asparagi to Dawn
 Caesar salad
 Bread with olive tapanade
 Snack on the train--that's a mocha frappuccino
 Deep dish pizza for lunch...I actually had 3 pieces
 At least I started the day right...non-fat greek yogurt with granola and berries
Assorted sweets for opening presents

Merry Christmas!!!!

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