Monday, December 12, 2011

The food is worth a 1000 words

Tonight, I'm gonna let the food do the talkin'...


Molten chocolate with coffee gelato at Finale

Date night dessert!! There was a cappuccino and coffee after as well...gotta love a man who drinks coffee at night!
Date night dinner...Indian food at Bhindi Bazaar

Garlic naan...gotta say, good food and great company!!
Chicken date had lamb vindaloo. He was sooooo brave! There was also rice.
A little salad for the veggies
Crispy thingys that I at a bunch of because I was so hungry. Sorry, I'm just not the girl who doesn't eat on a date.
Breakfast at'll notice that this is not my normal sandwich, right? Well, this sandwich will not be out until sometime in January! I'm so special! It's egg, cheese, pesto, roasted tomatoes and spinach.


Chicken, broccoli and Panera tomato soup with romano cheese
 Dim Sum at Chau Chow in Chinatown
 Ok, these are sesame balls and there's taro root thingys in back. I won't pretend to know what anything else is...
 Such an assortment!
 Spring rolls, these I know!


Filet mignon, approximately 4.8 oz, corn with butter and broccoli
Salad and mushroom barley soup...there was an egg in that salad
Granola, vanilla yogurt, and fruit

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