Saturday, December 24, 2011

The start of Seattle eats

Ahhh! Seattle, you're soooo gastronomically good to me!!!  We started with some monkey bread from my favorite local bakery, then sushi, and later, tuna for dinner. Seriously, we've been to Whole Foods twice already. This is my kind of vacation!!!!

Seriously, so far, there's lots of good food in Seattle. We've got plans for Mediterranean and Mexican after Christmas.

Ok, so the burger was a bit much, but I promise that I only ate half of it, same for the mac and cheese!

I've become quite accustomed to explaining to pretty much everyone why I photograph all of my food, but it was a little weird with the waitress at the sushi restaurant today. She thought nothing about me photographing the food before anyone ate from the sashimi platter. In fact, she thought it was normal...but she made a face when I told her that I blogged ALL of my meals. As if I was telling her that the sushi wasn't pretty enough or something. Almost like I insulted her. I mean, I could understand if she was the owner...but the waitress? Anyhow. Really, the sashimi really was pretty enough to photograph, even if I didn't blog all of my food!


Mahi mahi with broccolini and salad of beets, oranges, green beans, and water cress
 Lunchbox Laboratory: The Native New Yorker (that's me!) with a sundried tomato and basil macaroni and cheese
 Almond Joy shake
 Mediterranean tapas snack box from Alaska Airlines
Fruit and cheese plate from Alaska Airlines


Assorted desserts from Whole Foods
 Tuna and salad with oranges, fennel, and cranberries
 sashimi platter--mainly tuna and assorted salmon...the white one at the top of the plate is actually a white salmon...the deep red one is Copper river Salmon, a local fish. The golden stuff coming out of the cucumber flower is sea urchin...I don't recommend it, but at least I tried it!
 Seattle Roll and spicy tuna roll
 side salad
banana and monkey bread from Macrina Bakery (I really had 2 pieces of monkey bread and a chocolate Italian Christmas cookie)

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