Friday, December 9, 2011

Part way there

Well, there you have it! The hard part is over. I've got some homework to do, but the semester will be officially over on Thursday. I'm just glad the hard part's done.

Now, the work begins. Work? Yeah. Time to get back to the gym! Well, sorta. Back to the gym on Sunday. I've already made a gym-date with J to work out. Starting Sunday, my new activity goal kicks in...4 work-outs per week. I've managed to stay away from pizza for a couple of days, so I've got a good start on my eating goal! It's just that much easier to start a new journey when you realize that you're part way there already...And I'm part way there!

 Cheeseboy for dinner...yeah, and not for a project. This one was pure comfort. It's been a tough week.
 Chicken and barley soup with big giant salad!
2 eggs with low fat swiss and salsa, berries and oatmeal toast with strawberry jam

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