Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sorry, folks, it's been late nights and school work and such.

I heard some real good stuff was about maintaining a spiritual condition and allowing that spiritual connection to sustain you through rough and trying times. Spiritual condition?? Yup. It doesn't matter what your religion is or isn't, your spiritual condition is based in a sense of inner serenity. It's calm, it's serene. It's all about not letting selfishness, doubt, fear, and resentments rule our thoughts and lives. A spiritual connection is how I can have a bad eating day, not beat up on myself and still try to do better tomorrow.

Maintaining that spiritual connection involves managing my stress through exercise and social time and eating healthy...sound familiar? Yeah, all those goals I set for myself, they're all working towards an inner calm.

Gratitude is a large part of maintaining a spiritual connection. I have to stop and take time to appreciate my life, my friends & family, school, work, and all of those little coincidences and happy accidents that happen every day in the world. I'm lucky to have the life that I do. Not only do I need to acknowledge this, but I need to feel it and be in touch with it. If I can do that, the whole world just seems a little nicer.

Dessert at Longhorn caramel something or other with ice cream
 It WAS a filet stuffed with crab and cream sauce with mashed potatoes
 Side salad with a little balsamic vinaigrette
 Turkey and swiss with lettuce, tomato, cukes & carrots and spicy mustard

Fruit salad and cookies
 I haven't had yogurt in awhile...
Oatmeal with some brown sugar and cinnamon, an egg and fruit salad


Cookie for a snack...basic sugar cookie with toffee toppings...
 Pizza and salad for lunch

I'm sorry about the quality. I forgot the food-cam and had to use my phone.
 Vanilla ice cream after sushi
 Rainbow Roll. I LOVE the roe! It just *POPS* in your mouth!
 OK, this one's not all mine...just the spicy salmon 6 pieces
Oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon, fruit and an egg

Dinner--turkey wrap with swiss cheese, carrot, tomato, cukes and spicy mustard and some fruit
 There's a story here...I waited too long to eat and was cranky. I went for the beef and barley soup (comfort food!). The salad bar annoyed me, so I just got some chunky veggies and some fruit.
 And apple for a snack
 Sausage, egg and cheese on an English muffin

Oatmeal with almonds, raisins and brown sugar

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