Monday, September 5, 2011

Acadia Eating

I'll bet you're all just waiting and holding your collective breaths to know what I ate while camping in Acadia...well, some of it was good for me, some was not. Admittedly, I did not remember to photograph everything. Hey, I was in the woods without electricity. I think I'm allowed to forget to photograph some of my food!

Lobster roll, coleslaw and chips for lunch.

If I ate dinner, I don't remember what it was.

The ULTIMATE road food....this one's for you, Pete!

To be fair, I didn't eat the cupcakes until two days later.

I started out with a healthy breakfast before getting in the car for the 6 hour journey into the woods.

Fresh veggies and a flour tortilla for dinner

Soft serve with sprinkles after our hike...

During the hike, I had a bunch of dried apricots and a nectarine. I'm sure there was something else...for breakfast, I made some bacon, eggs and potatoes over the fire...


Fresh veggies and a tortilla (not shown) again for dinner

Trail mix...I had more of this in the car on the way home

Dried mango...manna from heaven!

Still warm cinnamon bun from the Mobil station grocery...deliciousness with frosting.

Roast beef sandwich with cheese fries (I ended up not eating the salad) that I washed down with a bottle of diet coke

Cheeseburger and fries...I was craving red Moody's Diner somewhere in Maine. I don't remember the name of the town.

Side salad with Italian dressing

Apple Spice donut

In the car on the drive back to Boston, there was much dried mango and trail mix.

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