Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just do it

It's been an interesting week...and I have an interesting idea. But that's not for this blog.

Tonight was pretty cool. I went to an information session for GW...I'm finally getting to give back more than money!!!!! Granted, it's difficult to fit into my schedule, but I want to be a person who does volunteer work. So, if I want to be that person, I have to start being that person! And what better way to start than to do. So, tonight, I went to a local high school and met the new regional director of admissions for GW and answered prospective student and parent questions. I let him know that I'd like to get more involved and that I'd be happy to help out with financial aid questions and aid nights. Cool.

Does this work in other areas of life? You bet it does!!! If you want to be the kind of person who eats healthily, you have to do it! If you want to be the kind of person who exercises, you have to do it. It's amazing how that works, right? Stop wanting to be this or that kind of person, and just do it! (to borrow from Nike...)


Back to the office and back on the light breakfast
 And back on the pizza...
And the pizza...


Tasty Burger!!!

I must have forgotten to photograph breakfast...and whatever I ate for dinner


 I really can never resist the chocolate muffin!
 Ethiopian for dinner...cottage cheese appetizer from Addis Red Sea in Porter Square
Uh, that was the sampler...


I'm totally cool with the flavored Greek yogurt...I'm going to have to go back to just plain old plain yogurt and sacrifice the protein

And the only Pepsi that I cherry Pepsi

I tossed most of the salad away

And I had popcorn for dinner

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