Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's getting better

I've noticed lately that even though I've been feeling stressed, it's getting better. There's many things that have contributed to this. For one, I'm starting to get into a routine, finding my groove so to speak. Of course, it helps that 6 weeks of the semester are behind me...I've got enough experience with this term to think, 'yeah, I got this!' My inner control freak has fewer tantrums when a routine is in place.

I've had some exercise peppered in there too. Weeks like this one help. I've got more reading to do than I know what to do with! I tried something new today: One hour running on the elliptical followed by walking on the treadmill until I finished the desired amount of reading. I changed it up just a bit, yet remained engaged in an activity that allows me to stay more focused than when I'm sitting at my dining table. I love it when I can focus on a solution!!

Paying attention to benchmarks is helping too. Knowing when certain items are dropping off my radar is helpful in marking accomplishments. I was planning a staff retreat at work that went off without a hitch on Thursday last week. Big Big Relief to have the day done and only have follow-up to attend to.

Lastly, that little extra valium a day to keep the shrink away...Just kidding!! But hey, I can't argue with anyone who recognizes that their coping mechanisms are not working effectively and seeks medical assistance. I'm all for getting help when it's needed. Sometimes that extra help is something as simple as a girls' night out, a massage, a few hours of extra sleep, or stopping to just enjoy a stupid silly movie. One simple trick I've been trying, is rubbing lavender scented lotion on my hands and neck before going to sleep...a little aromatherapy for relaxation!


Still trying to find a greek yogurt that I enjoy...TJ's this time. The mango is good, the pomegranate, not so much

And a cinnamon twist
Lunch at the staff retreat: greek pasta salad (that cous cous looking thing), pita, salad with chicken, grilled veggies and a little dessert

there was some candy too

And I think I ended up having popcorn for dinner


TJ's pomegranate greek yogurt and a ham and cheese filled croissant
 Oh yeah!!!! Potatoes and bacon on pizza = heaven
 pork gyoza and chicken lettuce wraps on girls' night at Osaka
 a sushi boat for the table - other than the obvious tuna and salmon, I have no idea what I ate!
Hibachi dinner--filet mignon and lobster tail


I love mornings when I can cook a hot breakfast!

chicken sausage (apple and maple syrup!) with a veggie scramble, apple, and toast with strawberry jam
giant salad with chicken that I could not for the life of me finish

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