Monday, October 8, 2012


I am lucky to have a job, school, friends, Ella, the internet and many other such lovely distractions! I am lucky to be able to find some amount of balance in some areas of my life, even when I can not find it in others.

While piled higher than I can see over, work gives me one place of responsibility in my life where I can run on auto-pilot. Sorta, I did get a couple of curve balls this week. School is giving me feelings of being overwhelmed to the point of being incapable of moving and not knowing where to start. Freshman seminar is causing me to fear that I'm breaking the minds of young people at Simmons and destroying the future leaders of America. Ok, that's overly dramatic, but when you mix my teaching anxieties with work and school, it might as well be an understatement.

So what do I do? Well, I didn't make it to the gym if you were wondering. Instead, I found lovely distractions in many different forms. New shoes, a furry black kitty and I managed to spend a little time with some people who can help get my mind off most of the responsibilities in my life. I was lucky enough to spend one evening getting dressed up in sequins and heels for an evening full of art, good company and duck. On another evening, I enjoyed some new flavors on pizza, great stories from Rock and Roll heaven, and the comparison of cowboy boots. And I still found some time to fall asleep on my couch watching some reruns On Demand...So many lovely distractions that am I lucky to have.


See, I really did try to like plain Greek yogurt. I'm just not feeling it.
It's not delivery, it's Di Giorno.


fruit and yogurt, yogurt and fruit
 I really need to lay off the pizza...
 Mezze platter at the Beehive
Duck!!! with grapes and rice


steak and egg on a bagel, fruit and cappuccino at Panera
chocolate babka from Panera

I ordered Chinese food for dinner but managed to not take a picture. Must have been distracted...


salad and chicken cuban panini from Panera
Regina's pizza with eggplant, prosciutto, and basil


veggie scramble with cheese, potatoes and half an apple
pork, broccoli, and pasta

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