Sunday, October 21, 2012

If that makes any sense

I'm back from a long weekend in Vermont. This may sound corny, but it was a weekend where I was able to reconnect with something so basic inside of me...a feeling, a peace, a calm. It was four days of keeping a focus on a solution. Four days of truth, emotion, cleansing, and healing. Four days with 12 other women, some I've known for years, some I just met. Women who have become my family. There's the family that we are born to and love, and then there's the family that choose and love. These women are my family of choice.

Our group ranges greatly in age and life experience. Our group changes from one year to the next. Our group changes and yet we all have the same reason for coming together. We all come together year after year. Every year in Vermont. And we all focus on a solution. A solution to whatever in our lives is a problem. This year, there was a guided meditation...I've never done a guided meditation before. I have to say, it was a powerful experience. One that I need to make time for in my life. While exercise has always been meditative for me, this was an experience like I've never had before. This was a meditation that felt like it helped me to find something that really matters.

If that makes any sense at all...


chocolate covered pretzel latte, cheese danish and the way, that was the best damned cheese danish I've ever had!
 burrito for lunch
Snickers for dinner


yogurt, fruit and granola
 snack time!
burrito for lunch....

And I'm sure that I had something like a candy bar for dinner again in class...


eggs, chicken sausage and toast
a blondie from Brattleboro...I had a ham and cheese sandwich with some chips and a granola bar in the car on the way to Vermont


Greek yogurt with fruit, banana, and toast with jam and peanut butter
 roast beef and cheese sandwich, beef and barley soup and salad
 pork loin, apple sauce, bread, roast potatoes, baked zucchini and squash with tomatoes and cheese
spice cake

French toast, sausage and fruit
 salad and chicken noodle soup
 salad, the World's Best Pot Roast, smashed potatoes, carrots, beans and peas with homemade bread
cheesecake with raspberries

bagel with scallion cream cheese, fruit and cheddar cheese stick
 Bear Naked granola, vanilla yogurt and berries
 Ben and Jerry's Half Baked ice cream on a stick
 homemade Vermont cookie bar
Velveeta mac and cheese...back at home

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