Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm not Wonder Woman

Woo hoo!!!! It's been almost two weeks since my last post. Brilliant! Get the sarcasm?? I've been a little busy. It is what it is. School is crazy, work is crazy and I'm managing to keep my head about me. Less craziness? Better mind set? Alcohol? Nope. Nope. And nope. Drugs.

OK, that sounds much more seedy than it actually is...but it is true. I'm a big fan of getting help from wherever I can. I believe in using all available tools to accomplish my goals. This time, I've turned to a medication adjustment. I've been on medication for awhile since going back to school to deal with the stress and there have been points where I've had to increase my dosage. This semester was one of them.

I hate to admit it, but it's worked. Why do I hate to admit it? Because I like to think that I'm Wonder Woman. I mean, I've got the underroos, doesn't that make it true? Yeah, I didn't think so either. So I'm not Wonder Woman, but I want to be and I don't like admitting that I'm not. I want to think that I can do everything through the shear force of my will power. Unfortunately, it's just not so. Sometimes, I need to get some help and sometimes, that help is chemical.

How's my little chemistry experiment working? Darned well so far. I feel like myself again. I still feel stress and emotions, and I feel like myself. I don't feel foggy or depressed, I feel like myself. I don't feel crazed or manic, I feel like myself. I feel like myself. And that allows me to face everything like a sane human being and able to rise up to the challenge of work and school.


One unfortunate part of waiting so long between posts that I don't remember if I skipped meals or forgot to photograph...


There's cheese in them there eggs...
Salted caramel vanilla cake...

There was a party where I ate some odds and ends of bread, brie and hummus


eggs with cheese, toast and berries
 chef salad at school
 cinnamon twist at school
 apple snack
homemade Indian food...chicken biryani and beef with potatoes


Hurricane Sandy Breakfast
 Hurricane Sandy pancakes
 hurricane provisions...
chicken tikka masala


leftovers and cukes


I'm sure there was other food...but this was at the office birthday party


I went to the dentist. I deserve a milkshake for breakfast
 mmm, pizza and salad
 meslun salad in a cucumber wrap


French vanilla muffin--to die for!
pizza and salad



Wow, I've been eating shit.

There was a great chicken dinner with salad and risotto. That was healthy.


toast and eggs with cheese
crappy salad


cheesecake for breakfast
 pizza and salad with the chicken from last night
 cinnamon twist
pulled pork, beans and onion rings

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